Susan Mareneck


Mixed Media

One Parish

2007, 19x26” Triptych reverse painting and eglomise on glass altar.

Trinity Church Wall Street/ St. Paul’s Chapel Strategic Planning Memento. 

The concept is for the image to be fabricated in gold leaf on glass with details in reverse painting and eglomise (19x26”).  When completed, the image would be photographed and a full-scale version would be framed for preservation in the archives.  The glass would then be cut into 80, 2.5x2.5” pieces.  Each square fragment will be framed for preservation and presented to the Strategic Planning 2007 participants (Vestry, Congregational representatives, neighbors, professional consultants, etc.) with an Iris print of the whole image from the original composition.    On the back of the framed print and numbered piece of gold-leafed glass will be an envelope with a drawn key of the whole composition locating each piece by its number. The recipient will know where their piece fits into the whole, but the original glass piece could only be reconstructed through convening the original network of contributors.  The whole will exist metaphorically through the relationships maintained between the people whose vision created the Strategic 2007 One Parish Plan.

Panel Discriptions

Center Panel: Image of the “Lierne vaulting” in Trinity Church’s nave as a metaphor for the network of relationships upon which the Parish will build its future.

Side Panels: Split into sections depicting Trinity/St. Paul’s historic and contemporary engagements

Right Panel –
Lower Section:
St. Paul’s shadow against an image of Ground Zero reconstruction (World Financial Center).
Upper section: Relief sculpture of (child) angels from Trinity’s front doorway.

Left Panel –
Lower Section:
Street view of Trinity Church spire with One Wall Street.
Middle Section: Housatonic River at West Cornwall, CT (Trinity Retreat Center)
Upper Section: African woman farmer grantee.