Susan Mareneck



IC Patio in progress 10

The I Ching patio is from "Sequence of Earlier Heaven", or Primal Arrangement.

The fundamental principles of the world are heaven (odd numbers) and earth (even numbers), spirit and matter.

  • The tao of heaven - dark and light.
  • The tao of earth - yielding and firm.
  • The tao pf man - love and rectitude. (love related to the light principle and rectitude to the dark)

(The I Ching, or Book of Changes, combines these three fundamental powers and doubles them, therefore a sign in the Book of Changes is always a hexagram.)

The three principles are differentiated as subject (man), object having form (earth) and content (heaven).

Heaven and earth determine the direction. The forces of mountain and lake are united. Thunder and wind arouse each other. Water and fire do not combat each other.

Thunder brings about movement, Wind brings about dispersion, Rain brings about moisture, the Sun brings about warmth, Keeping Still brings about standstill, the Joyous brings about pleasure, the Creative brings about rulership, the Receptive brings about shelter.