Susan Mareneck


Limited Edition Books

Glancing Off

Poems by Verandah Porche, Engravings by Susan Mareneck.

The book is 10 x 13 inches with 32 pages.  Nine plates printed by the artist, 6 x 8 inch engravings on copper.

“Glancing Off” was designed by Cathy Rogers.  The edition of 50 copies was set by Golgonooza Letter Foundry in Janson type with the title in Cochin Open, and printed on T.H. Saunders paper at Wild Carrot Letterpress, Hadley, MA.  Binding and paste paper by Daniel E. Kelm, The Wide Awake Garage, Easthampton, MA.  Initial support for the project was provided by the Spence School Alumnae Association Faculty Recognition Grant in 1986.

      “…As a setting for the delicate almost mystical engravings of Susan Mareneck, and the spare, direct poems of Verandah Porche, the book, designed by Cathy Rogers, provides a locus for the meeting of three women who have shared with each other important parts of their lives for twenty years.  In commemorating their friendship…-all, two teachers and a physician, doing what they love best, the author, the artist, and the designer have produced a tangible trace of the shared interests, passions and experiences which have bound them together for half of their lives…” Tom Fels