Susan Mareneck




Reflections (Panel II)

from: "River to River II, View of Lower Manhattan in Five Panels"

1989, 94x116, Oil on linen. 

Five separate oil on linen paintings combine to create a 180-degree view of Lower Manhattan looking south from Murray Street.  Created from 1986 – 2007, the mural’s scale (8ft x 35 ft) evokes the monumental built environment from the Civic Center to the Financial District.  End panels include views of the Brooklyn Bridge/Civic Center, including shadows of historic buildings on what was once known as Newspaper Row on the east.  On the west, the view down to the Hudson River is flanked by new and old buildings from the southern end of the Tribeca Historic Districts, including an overlay of former edifices such as King’s College (now Columbia University) as ghosts of the rich history of the oldest part of New York City.